What We Have Learned From Parents

  • Parents often report having had negative school experiences in regards to mathematics instruction.


  • Parents often report that they do not feel confident about helping their children with math homework.


  • Most parents of children in JK – Grade 1 feel that their children will be successful in math throughout their school years. Significantly less parents of children in Grades 2 – 5, report the same positive outlook.


  • Parents want to participate in Family Math to ensure that their children are successful in school. They also look forward to spending time together with their children.


  • Many parents indicate that Family Math has changed their thoughts about math. They frequently comment that they now realize that “math can be fun” and “math is everywhere”.


  • Parents report that after participating in Family Math there are more math-related conversations happening in their homes. They also feel more confident about helping their children with homework.

“This week I took James to a doctor’s appointment. As we were walking up the stairs to the doctor’s office on the third floor, James said, “Let’s estimate how many steps there are”. James started to count each step. There were nine steps in each staircase. When we were part way up, James asked me how many steps I thought there were. I told him I knew there were four staircases so four staircases times nine steps makes thirty-six steps all together. James became so excited as he thought about what I had said. “I get it…I get it…you multiplied!” he said. This was the first time that he actually understood what multiplying meant. It was so exciting for both of us.”

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