What We Have Learned From Coordinators

The following information is a result of feedback obtained during the Esso Family Math research project based at the University of Ontario.

  • Family Math Coordinators found the Coordinator Training to be very effective. The Training Manual was well-received and reported to be very helpful when preparing to train others.
  • Family Math Coordinators have trained hundreds of individuals throughout Ontario.
  • Family Math Coordinators always work in pairs when delivering training workshops. Often Coordinators travel outside of their own region to provide these sessions.
  • The Coordinators expressed an appreciation of the Family Math Team members who assisted and mentored them during their first training workshops.
  • Many Coordinators promote Family Math by providing information sessions to community groups, such as early childhood educators, childcare providers, school personnel and library staff.
  • Family Math Coordinators feel confident that they can continue the work of the  Family Math Project.  Continued upgrading coordinators training session can help to keep the program current in communities.


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