Parting Gift – Math Activities Parent Guide

May 26, 2018

Family Math Key Principles and Hints for Parents

Use this cover page to give an explanation of Family Math and a summary of its principles. A few helpful hints for parents in doing any math activity with their children are also included.



This pamphlet is a parting gift from Family Math Canada and is designed to encourage parents to play with their child in a relaxed way that promotes positive attitudes toward math using games and play based activities. The activities are designed to connect to a child’s daily life.

Download the colourful activities booklet for distribution to parents.


   ONE IS A SNAIL parent activities guide

One is a Snail blank grid

Creatures for grid

Download these pages for use with the book One is a Snail Ten is a Crab by April Sayre and Jeff Sayre. If funding is available give families a copy of the book and send them home with the pages of instructions to extend the story. Remember that books with a mathematical component provide opportunities to involve children in the language of math in meaningful and fun ways. This book and associated activities show how stories are a natural accompaniment to math learning.