Math is Everywhere: A Workshop for Parents Using Family Math Videos

May 24, 2018

Math is Everywhere: A Workshop for Parents Using Family Math Videos

Family Math Canada has produced a series of videos to help parents develop their children’s math skills through everyday activities like reading a book, going for a walk, or emptying a grocery bag. This workshop is designed as an educational experience that will inform parents about home activities to enhance their children’s mathematical understanding.  The videos demonstrate ways to expand parents’ thinking about “doing math” and “talking math” with their children.

The videos and parent workshops focus on aspects of Number Sense and Numeration, Geometry, Measurement, Patterning, and Data Management and Probability that are typically part of daily family activities. The mathematical concepts are highlighted throughout the videos (voice-over and on-screen print) and in guided discussions throughout the workshop.

This series of videos stresses -

  •        Math takes practice.
  •        Children won’t be perfect and that’s ok.
  •        Ask, don’t tell.
  •        Ask why.
  •        Build on what your child already knows.
  •        Mistakes are part of learning.
  •        Math is everywhere.

How This Workshop Can Be Used

This workshop can  be used with parents in one 2-hour session or in three 1-hour sessions.

  • If offering one 2-hour session choose one extension activity for each video.
  • If offering three 1-hour sessions use 2 or 3 of the extensions for each video.

The Overview page outlines suggested time frames.

Please remember, the workshop is designed to be adapted to meet the needs of your community.


This program is available for download. It is detailed manual to be used with Family Math Canada videos. The videos are no longer available, but many copies have been circulated across Early Years and Literacy Centres in Ontario.