Esso Family Math Resources Weeks 1 – 6 for JK, K & Grade 1 Children and their Parents (3rd ed updated 2011)

January 20, 2014

Early Years Resource Manual Weeks 1 – 6

This manual provides outlines and detailed activities so that your group may host the Family Math Early Years Program in your community.

The six sessions follow the same consistent format from week to week because children benefit from structure and repetition when developing mathematical skills and concepts. The activities are repeated each week in the same order using a variety of materials.  These activities include:

• Estimation

• Stories and songs

• Graphs

• Math Walks

• Structured learning activities

 Each session follows a different theme:

“Me and My Bear”

“Mathematical Me”

“Me Inside My House”

“Me Outside My House”

“Don’t Bug Me”

“Celebrating Me, Celebrating Math”

This document contains 109 pages.