Esso Family Math Extended Resources Weeks 7 – 10 for JK, K & Grade 1 Children and their Parents (updated 2011)

January 20, 2014

2011 ey 7-10 revised


This is a manual for four additional weeks designed to follow and supplement the original Family Math Early Years Program.

The new weeks build on the basic concepts of the first program. An attempt to extend the mathematical understanding has been built into several of the repeating activities.

Because of the expanded steps and greater complexity, many of the activities will take longer to complete.  Suggested timelines and activities that might be omitted are indicated.

Extended Elements

Estimating jar

  • A 10 frame has been added to count the contents. This promotes a visual anchor or representation of 10, a key number in the place value of our number system.


  • Families are asked to predict before gathering and displaying the data. This provides another opportunity to apply skills of estimation.

Math Walk

  • A tally sheet has been added to record observations during the walk. This allows practice using a simple but effective form of record keeping.

Table Activities

  • These activities are longer and more complex allowing for a broader range of responses.


  • There are more activities for the families to complete at home each week


The themes for these sessions are:

“Travelling Me”

“Active Me”

“Sleepy Me”

“Hungry Me”

This document contains 81 pages.