New Early Years Weeks 1 – 6 Homebook Available

December 1, 2016

Family Math Canada is pleased to offer a fresh new version of the homebook for the Early Years Program. Patti Prentice, a Family Math Coordinator and Vice-chair of the Family Math Canada Foundation, has developed a new look for this key extension of the Family Math sessions. This booklet takes math into the families’ homes.  Visually appealing with colours and pictures that children will enjoy, the homebook makes it easy for families to continue the joy of “doing math” in their day to day activities. The originator of Family Math Canada, Dr. Barry Onslow, has reviewed this updated booklet and agrees that it fits with the Family Math pedagogical approach.

Family Math Canada is pleased to be able to offer this resource at no charge.  You can simply download the PDF from the Resources section of this website and print it on 8 1/2 by 14 (legal size) paper.

We would welcome your feedback when have used this new resource with families.