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Family Math uses everyday materials and math games to help children understand math ideas.


Some Family Math Canada workshops are geared for parents and some for education professionals. These active, hands-on sessions provide the tools necessary to help families learn and enjoy math.

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New Early Years Weeks 1 – 6 Homebook Available

December 1, 2016

Family Math Canada is pleased to offer a fresh new version of the homebook for the Early Years Program. Patti Prentice, a Family Math Coordinator and Vice-chair of the Family Math Canada Foundation, has developed a new look for this key extension of the Family Math sessions. This booklet takes math into the families’ homes.  Visually appealing with…

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Family Math Facilitator Training

July 2, 2016

Offered at Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre  Training Outcomes:  Understand why family involvement is an essential component of a child’s mathematical development  Demonstrate ways to create and maintain a favorable learning climate for families  Understand the structure of the 6 week Family Math Program  Visit for more…

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Family Math Canada Is...


Parents feel they are better able to help their children enjoy and understand math in a positive environment.


A participant who feels comfortable and secure within the learning environment will take away maximum information.


A program for families who would like their children to experience success in math.

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